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It is a highly reactive form of oxygen that has various health effects like analgesic, kills infection, acts as immunity booster, detoxifies body, increases energy and helps in killing cancer cells. It is used both as curative and preventive therapy.

Local therapies

Local therapies refer to medical treatments that target a specific area or organ of the body, rather than affecting the entire system. These treatments are applied directly to the affected site, providing focused care and minimizing side effects on other parts of the body. They are commonly used in various medical fields, including oncology and dermatology.

Ozone therapy

ozonated water helps treat various diseases like stomach ulcers, acidity, infections, pyorrhoea. It can used in drinking, for gargles, cleaning wounds and can be given as sponges.

Ozone therapy in Jaipur

Ozonated oil is a type of oil that has been infused with ozone gas. This process creates a powerful mixture with potential health benefits. It’s believed to have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and wound-healing properties. It’s used topically for various skin conditions and may support overall skin health.

Ozone therapy clinic in jaipur

bagging acts as chemotherapeutic on the wound or skin lesions. It can act as antimicrobial in high concentration. It improves the blood flow to the wound and stimulate healing process

Ozone therapy center in jaipur

ozone steam sauna is most effective, painless detoxifying treatment. Helps in stimulation of immune system, improvement of blood circulation. It also helps in sweating the toxins out.

Internal therapies

Internal therapies target a specific organ or whole body. They are administered inside the body to address health issues and promote healing of internal ailments. They provide focused care with no side effects on other body parts. They are commonly used with other medical fields like endocrinology, immunology, oncology, dentistry, functional medicine and dermatology.

Ozone Therapy

Rectal insufflation is a medical procedure where ozone is introduced into the rectum. It is used in alternative medicine for various conditions claiming benefits like improved circulation and immune function. It is helpful in conditions like anal fissures, ulcerative colitis, Parkinson’s disease rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

Ozone therapy in Jaipur

Vaginal insufflation is a medical procedure where ozone gas is introduced in the vagina. It gives localised antimicrobial results and helps in good lymphatic cleansing in women. This non invasive method has shown promise in enhancing women’s health and well being.

Ozone therapy clinic in jaipur

Ear insufflation is a non-invasive therapy where warm, filtered air is gently blown into the ear canal. It’s used to alleviate ear issues like congestion, pain, and infections. This technique aims to equalize pressure, promote circulation, and provide relief for various ear-related discomforts.

Ozone therapy center in jaipur

 Minor autohemotherapy acts as immune stimulant therapy. Ozone treated blood is given intramuscularly which is comparable to auto vaccination.

ozone therapy medical in jaipur

Ozonated saline is a mixture of medical-grade saline solution and ozone gas. It’s used for various therapeutic purposes, including wound healing, infection control, and boosting the immune system. The ozone in the solution is believed to have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a potential adjunctive treatment in healthcare. It is the most accepted way of giving ozone in Russia.

Ozone Therapy

Injections at the pain site involve administering medication directly to the area causing discomfort. This targeted approach provides fast relief by delivering the medication precisely where it’s needed, minimizing systemic effects. It’s a common and effective method for managing localized pain and inflammation in various medical contexts.

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